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Club corner
31 August 2012
Category: en
Posted by: palmdoc
23 June 2012
Category: en
Posted by: palmdoc
And Why?


And a bit of everything about Art and Sea...

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Dodd - The Quebec and Surveillante in action-3ced2332bc39781128531e80964e1206.jpg Dodd1-581bdf21ff700b883bedf364cd054900.jpg Dodd2-f37f6bf78459c38229334022b86de748.jpg

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A lot to see and nothing for sale
The main goal of this website is to progressively collect on a database, information and links on a maximum of artists in relation with the sea as it will never be complete. Other goals are to provide:
- Locations where marine works for sale can be found
- General information on Art and Sea
- A communication tool on the subject.

Size of pictures have often been reduced in order to fit computer needs, without being large enough to be used for commercial purposes. As images may have many origins on Internet, it is sometimes hard to understand who is copyright eligible. Eventually, the display of pictures can only be benefit to actual artists and stakeholders.

"Anyway, if anybody feels offended, injured by copyright infringement, due to the presence of images of their works on this non-commercial site, they must let us know and it will be our pleasure do delete their names and images from this work.
If any artist wants to change partially or completely his biography, he just have to email us."

Dr Patrick and Margot Chevailler

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